A fully automatic precision hydraulic expansion chuck in the best GDS quality

GDS developed the ALLIGATOR series especially for tool grinding, and it’s an innovation in the field of precision hydraulic clamping.

WALTER users will enjoy the fact it’s a pull to clamp system, making it easier to setup than competing hydraulic chucks. It’s also sized to work on a Helitronic Essential equipped with a top loader, as you can see in this video.

The ALLIGATOR’s outstanding damping properties, combined with its precise concentricity and repeatability, enable the production of tools with the best surface finishes and dimensional accuracy.

ALLIGATOR – Your flexible solution covering the clamping range 3-20 mm

  • Tapered profile for optimal wheel clearance
  • Excellent concentricity and repeatability
  • Adjustable radial concentricity
  • Outstanding damping properties for fine surface finishes
  • Clamps a range of diameters using widely available intermediate sleeves
  • Suitable for auto-loading, including automatic exchange of the intermediate sleeves
  • Economically reparable for extended life

Available for:

  • ANCA tool grinders
  • ISOG machines
  • Reinecker WZS 700, WZS 60 and RS 700 machines
  • Saacke machines having spindles with the union nut or the flat contact face (i.e. 2 versions)
  • WALTER tool grinders with the SK 50 workhead (Helitronic Vision, Power, Raptor, Essential, etc)