WALTER & Rollomatic tooling

  • Get OEM quality steadyrest bushings in any diameter within one week! (except for V-bushings)…And you’ll love the price.
    • All WALTER types: Standard two-hole drill and endmill bushings, the newer three-hole style, plus the Micro bushings in both V-style and semi-circle
    • Rollomatic carbide-tipped monoblock V-bushings
    • Is now the time? If your bushings are worn (and many probably are) you can’t get full blank support. Plus you’re wasting time trying to get a good setup.
  • Fast delivery on WALTER and Rollomatic style loader pallets. Our Rollomatic style pallets are simpler and much more cost effective than the OEM variety, but fully compatible and durable. All our loader pallets use the same “first hole” position (unless you request otherwise), making it easy to setup each pallet as you switch diameters. Why didn’t the OEMs think of that!?
    • We also offer WALTER Vision machine “forklift loader” pallets, plus ECO loader add-on pallets and other formats

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