The combo of Grind-Loc nozzles and Quick-Release hard piping on the left is a HUGE improvement over the Loc-Line/Power-Fluter combo on the right

How can you save time, improve your tools, cut your coolant needs, and extend the life of your grinding wheels?

Lose the Loc-Line…Punt the PowerFluter…And make a simple switch to Cool-Grind nozzles!

  • Consume far fewer grinding wheels per year
  • Cut your required coolant capacity by up to 50%
  • Faster grinds for higher output
  • Improved surface finish and reduced thermal damage in the final surface
  • Greater dressing wheel life and less time lost due to dressing
  • A harder grade wheel will hold form without burning the part

These are great benefits of using Cool-Grind nozzles. Of course you can’t take full advantage of all these benefits simultaneously (for example you can’t maximize your throughout and your wheel life at the same time) but the benefits are big and you decide what trade-offs are best for you. In one recent installation we eliminated the Power Fluter, improved the surface finish, and cut the cycle time on a corner radius endmill by 19%. All with no changes to the dressing/wheel sticking cycle.

Get cool!

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