About us

Toolroom Solutions is a partnership of friends from good old Walter Grinders, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. If you were around the industry back then, you’ll understand what we mean when we say we were “trained by DW!”

We’ve worked with grinding shops large and small for many years. We know the pressures you face. We admire your determination. And we’re determined to do what it takes to make your challenges easier.

We have three guiding principles:

  1. Be the easiest people to work with – We offer easy, dependable service and stock essential items that have long delivery times. That alone sets us apart from many suppliers.
  2. Be fair – You’ll be happy with our prices.
  3. Quality! – We offer only high quality components like GDS wheel adapters and chucks, and Toolgal grinding wheels. You’re looking for solutions, not more problems. Only quality products are truly solutions.