Kill your runout with the Viper!

Built for use with high precision ~8° Nann collets, the GDS Viper automatic chuck delivers intense holding forces for a consistent tool grinding process. Its fast setup, huge diameter range, deep collet depth, and high repeatability make it perfect for a wide variety of tool manufacturing and regrinding needs. And there’s a Viper for every WALTER machine model plus the Star NXT.

Combined with our CoFix wrench, you reduce set-up times to a minimum as you change your collets easier, quicker and safer than ever before.

VIPER technology is perfectly equipped for a wide variety of applications…

  • Extreme holding forces for consistent grinding performance
  • High concentricity and repeatability: TIR of ~5 microns (2 tenths) at 2½ x D
  •  Adjustable run-out
  • Huge clamping range using standard Nann collets
  • Extremely durable
  • Safe and easy collet change within seconds using our CoFix wrench