We are very pleased to be partnered with ZOLLER to offer both a complete range of measuring solutions and extremely good support for all your measuring needs, whether that’s training, applications assistance, spare parts, or service. The numbers tell the tale: ZOLLER has a million dollars in spare parts at their US headquarters in Michigan and over 45 engineers and technicians spread throughout the US and Canada…and they’re all focused on measuring (pun intended). ZOLLER’s software development also takes place on both sides of the Atlantic, further speeding their ability to meet your needs. No other measuring machine company comes close to this commitment to your tool grinding success.

In terms of measuring technology, we can deliver:

  • Wheel measuring solutions from very economical semi-automatic machines to fully automated CNC machines
  • Quick check tooling microscopes with options for micro tools and edge prep inspection
  • Tool inspection machines from economical semi-automatic models to full CNC machines with edge prep measurement
  • Automated process control: Compare measured versus nominal tool values and automatically compensate your grinding programs
  • Tool pre-setters
  • Tool/Wheel management systems