The Silver solution

Replace Loc-Line with Grind-Loc, one for one


Grind-Loc features

    • A. Industry leading laser-like coherent jets – Available in round or flat
    • B. Easy to use Torx screw – Prevents stripping of the head and enables up to 100 psi
    • C. Threaded open-ended metal insert for increased torque and life span
    • D. Knurled knob for hand tightening for up to 50 psi without a tool
    • E. Aluminum thread and swivel ball increase strength and life span

Grind-Loc uses the same ball size as Loc-Line so it’s fully interchangeable. If you can fit Loc-Line, you can fit Grind-Loc. But Grind-Loc is much better. Grind-Loc nozzles deliver a laser-like coherent jet so your coolant is much more effective—So effective that you don’t have to kiss the wheel to get good heat removal. That means your nozzles will last forever. Plus they swivel +/- 30 degrees and can telescope to different lengths without removing segments. And with the addition of element clamps and some hard piping you can push 100 PSI coolant without worry.


  • Holds its position under high pressure
  • Delivers a coherent coolant jet so you get excellent heat removal without making contact with the wheel, saving nozzles
  • Sets up with ease! You don’t need a big wrench and segments you’ve secured don’t move when you adjust the adjoining segments. (If you’ve used competing systems you know what a hassle this can be!)
  • Available in aluminum to eliminate the danger from sparking in oil coolant
  • Interfaces with Loc-Line components
  • Comes in convenient kits or as sub-assembles and individual modular components

Install new Cool-Grind Quick-Release hard piping at most manifold orifices and combine it with Grind-Loc nozzles

This yields the added benefits of:

  • The ability to assemble complete nozzle assemblies outside the machine, and then attach them in a few seconds
  • Being able to plug unused coolant ports within seconds, conserving flow and boosting pressure
  • Opportunity to designate one solenoid valve per wheel, with a 3-wheel pack, to conserve coolant flow rate and boost pressure
  • Minimum wrenching on the machine, which is especially important at the rear of the grinding wheels on WALTER machines
  • Ability to connect two fluting nozzles to one port, using the Y-Manifold Adapter, reducing corner radius breakdown and maximizing parts produced with robot loading
  • Transfer-ability of a nozzle from one machine to a similar machine within seconds
  • Positive nozzle location through dowel pin ensures nozzle does not deflect or need re-adjustment when put back on a machine
  • Better cup wheel nozzle location directly in front of the end wheels
  • Stiffer nozzle setup which resists deflection at 100 psi pressure. Loc-Line typically deflects at 20 psi

What’s more, we’ve assembled this combination in one convenient kit for 2-spindle WALTER machines. Other configurations are available

The Platinum solution

For complete flexibility, install Quick-Release hard piping at every manifold orifice

You’ll never need a wrench to reconfigure your coolant setup again!