Tool grinding wheels at Toolroom Solutions.

You will LOVE our Toolgal tool grinding wheels! Some of the sharpest people we know in tool grinding discovered these wheels a while back and swear by them, so we took on the line.

Toolgal iQ tool grinding wheels offer:

    • High stock removal rates at high feed rates. Toolgal diamond wheels are comparable to Norton G-Force and other world-class grinding wheels. Here’s a chart.
    • Excellent edge quality and durability, so you can maintain tight tolerances
    • Outstanding surface finishes
    • Predictable performance, so you can repeat the feeds and speeds you liked with previous Toolgal wheels without worry
    • Great bang for the buck. We offer these high quality wheels at great prices. You can’t get Toolgal wheels anywhere for less and we’re sure you’ll agree that, dollar for dollar, they perform better than any other wheels.

If you need another reason to try these tool grinding wheels, consider the fact that they’re very popular with demanding users in Europe. Now you’re in on the “secret” too!

You can get all the standard wheel shapes with CBN or diamond abrasives in a variety of resin and hybrid bonds that we’ll optimize for your application. For example, we offer a hybrid (resin-metal) bond for gashing carbide that differs a bit from the hybrid bond that’s best for fluting. Just let us know what you’re grinding and we’ll recommend the right wheel. (Our RFQ form makes this easy.)

We also stock all the critical tool grinding wheels in commonly used configurations. Please keep that in mind for your next emergency. Better yet, tape this flier to your machines and your desk!