Dr. John Webster (aka Dr. Cool), of our partners at Cool-Grind Technologies, has designed a fantastic Grind-Loc based nozzle system for new WALTER Vision 400L & Power 400 wheel changers. John’s design accounts for all the  following considerations:

  • Unlike the earlier WALTER wheel-changer machines, it is difficult to reproduce the manifold locking system and create a more user friendly design that offers more ports
  • The OEM manifold has 30 degree inclined threaded ports, which requires all nozzles to compensate for this angle. A common 45 degree elbow will not help. Cool-Grind supplies a 60 degree elbow as a standard item that creates a vertical 3/8″ NPT thread
  • The OEM manifold threads are 3/8″ BSPP, which only suit the 10mm tube compression fittings supplied with the machine. Common 3/8″ NPT pipe fittings will damage these aluminum threads. Cool-Grind offers compatible 3/8″ BSPT brass pipe nipples of different lengths that are kinder to the OEM threads and have a standard NPT thread at the other end
  • For tool grinding, the simple Cool-Grind nozzle setup requires the fluting wheel to be no bigger than 6″ OD
  • The nozzle setup has to fit inside the wheel carousel and pass through the door during loading

Grind-Loc overview

Grind Loc Competitive

Grind-Loc features

    • A. Industry leading laser-like coherent jets – Available in round, flat, and the new triple-jet gashing form
    • B. Easy to use Torx screw – Prevents stripping of the head and enables up to 100 psi
    • C. Threaded open-ended metal insert for increased torque and life span
    • D. Knurled knob for hand tightening for up to 50 psi without a tool
    • E. Aluminum thread and swivel ball increase strength and life span

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