Edge prep?

For a fast check of your hone on the shop floor, ZOLLER offers the »pomSkpGo«:

  • Quickly and easily position the tool for an edge prep measurement within 2 minutes, yet accurate within a micron (under half a tenth)
    • Workpiece distance is 30 mm for safe operation
  • Two possible sensors:
    • Lite Sensor measures radii down to 5 µm (2 tenths) using 360,000 measurement points, with data acquisition in 1 second
    • Premium Sensor measures radii down to 3 µm (1 tenth) using 1.3 million measurement points, with data acquisition in 2 seconds
  • Easy “process-oriented” »pomSoft« image processing and programming. The machine’s »pomSoft« package is based on the same »pilot 4.0« system you’ll find on the CNC machines. So it’s intuitive and operators will feel comfortable with both types of machines
  • Automatic calculation of key parameters like k-factor, ∆r, S∝, and Sγ
  • Easy data export to a customizable printed report or pdf
  • 24″ touch screen monitor, plus mouse and full keyboard interface
  • THK linear guideways
  • Light, stiff, carbon-fiber contributes to accuracy while making it easy to move the unit
  • Shop floor durability with a one year warranty

By the way, all ZOLLER machines have easy measuring routines you can use to quickly check a few tool features. That could be checking a step angle on a »smile«, or scanning a profile on the »genius 3«.

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