The amazing GDS “super chuck”

This remarkable GDS µGrind tool grinding chuck:

  • Lets you virtually eliminate both radial and axial runout (weeble-wobble) without special tools or skill
  • Lets you change diameters in seconds and maintains its precision to within two microns (under a tenth) at 2½ x D without adjustment
  • Maintains TIR to within 5 microns throughout the grind (assuming normal grinding forces)
  • Performs like this over tens of thousands of clampings
  • Requires a relatively short clamping length on the blank to achieve constant holding force and concentricity
  • Features a tapered profile and smaller nose diameter than hydraulic holders for better wheel clearance and freedom from interference
  • Offers excellent dampening properties for uniform material removal, optimized feed rates, excellent surface finish, and significantly reduced grinding wheel wear
  • Suitable for both high production and regrinding
  • Handles shanks from 3 to 20 mm (⅛ to ¾ inches). For larger tools, see the new Viper

Available for:

  • ANCA FX, MX, and TX machines
  • Joerg machines
  • Reinecker WZS 700, WZS 60 and RS 700 machines
  • Saacke UW ID, IF, and IIF tool grinders
  • Star NXT machines
  • Vollmer machines with the SK 50 or HSK 63 workhead
  • All WALTER CNC tool grinders, including the Helitronic Micro and Helitronic Mini Automation

Officially it’s called the μGrind, (i.e. Mu-Grind or Micron Grind). We can’t help calling it the “super chuck.” Either way, prepare to be amazed, watch the video below, and reserve yours now!

Here’s what customers say

  • “Holds a constant land down the entire length of an 8 inch endmill without a steadyrest. Best we have ever seen.” — Steve Curtician, Kyocera SGS
  • “Everything is going great! I’ve been running 16 mm on it for 2 weeks solid and have had zero issues. I haven’t had to tap in a single tool. Chances are, due to increased production speed, I may have already paid for the chuck!” — Brad Johannsen, Form Tool Technology
  • “We grind a series of automotive step reamers on which we have to grind the end, while maintaining the center position. The µGrind is literally the only system we can trust to do this. On the end of a 7 inch tool total runout will consistently be 10 microns or better. We can switch to a shorter tool with no adjustments and consistently get runout of 3 microns. It’s unbelievable how well you can trust the system. It’s also very easy to adjust the axial runout on the blank.” — Alberto Orozco, Natech Manufacturing
  • “We have been able to reduce inspections from 100% to one every 25 pieces or so. A huge improvement! We cut our runout down to half of the max spec using this GDS chuck where before we were close to max spec all the time. Set-up time is now down to near nothing where before could take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on set-up. I would say the ROI was almost instant due to the nature of our support to manufacturing and the impact to our quality systems. Looking back now I would say it was a clear choice for our application. I can’t think of a better one.” — Tool room manager for Tier 1 auto supplier
  • “I have the Schaublin SRS and I like it. But for tools with tighter tolerances, like a cylindrical margin of 2 to 3 thousandths on the OD the GDS collet system is flawless. I can run lights out grinding cylindrical margin endmills and I have no scrap due to margin runout and the tools run under a tenth in runout…It’s easier to setup. The collet changes are very simple and most of the time I don’t have to re-indicate the tool from collet change to collet change. The only time I have to do that is if I’m switching from a short 2 inch tool to a something like an 8 inch tool, and even then the runout might be just a tenth, checking way out at the end of the tool. If I switch from a long tool to a short tool 99.99% of the time I don’t have to make any adjustments. The only problem I have with it is the fact it doesn’t go over 20 mm. Other than that the chuck runs flawlessly. I run 1/8 tools all the way up to 20 mm. Best tool grinding chuck ever. Period.” — Scott Nicodemus, True Cut Tool

Why wait any longer?

If the GDS µGrind tool grinding chuck doesn’t perform as promised you owe nothing. If it performs as promised, you save big and you grind better tools. Give us a call!