Grind-Loc features

Grind Loc Competitive

A. Industry leading laser-like coherent jets – Available in round or flat

B. Easy to use Torx screw – Prevents stripping of the head

C. Threaded open-ended metal insert for increased torque and life span

D. Knurled knob for hand tightening would not be used in the higher pressure Vision/Power 400 systems (We would also recommend the hard piping shown above rather than multiple Grind-Loc segments as shown here)

E. Aluminum thread and swivel ball increase strength and life span

The payoff?

  • Consume far fewer grinding wheels per year
  • Cut your required coolant capacity by up to 50%
  • Faster grinds for higher output
  • Improved surface finish and reduced thermal damage in the final surface
  • Greater dressing wheel life and less time lost due to dressing
  • A harder grade wheel will hold form without burning the part

Of course you can’t take full advantage of all these benefits simultaneously (for example you can’t maximize your throughout and your wheel life at the same time) but the benefits are big and you decide what trade-offs are best for you