Preformed blanks you’ll love…with service & pricing you’ll love

We’ve partnered with PREMEX, Germany’s leading blank prep company, to bring you an unbeatable combination of convenience and quality:

  • Pick your carbide: Huge—30 ton—stock of carbide in various grades ready for immediate prep, including KX10, KX20, KX34, KX40, and KX44. Plus we offer spiral and parallel coolant through-hole options. If you need a specific “brand name” product or a certain aerospace approved grade, chances are we have it in stock. We will also grind blanks with your stock if desired.
  • Fast turnaround: With 60 employees and 25 CNC grinders (mostly top Rollomatic and Reinecker machines), PREMEX can deliver in 5 to 6 days, North America included.
  • Virtually any geometry: Mushroom style blanks, multi-step, tapers, rounds, flats…you name it!
  • Economical: Pricing varies based on carbide grade and blank size, plus geometric features, but not lot size. We’re setup to quickly handle multiple diameters very efficiently. UPS rates are reasonable too. (By the way: If you’re prepping blanks in-house, you probably underestimate what that costs you when you consider the labor hours involved in changeovers and operation, plus all the machine and associated tooling and utility expenses)
  • Any size order: We serve everyone from one-man shops with single tool orders to production houses requiring thousands of tools. Our average batch size is 20-50 blanks.
  • High quality: Besides delivering the carbide grade you need, PREMEX grinds all features to within the H6 tolerance and a “finished tool” surface. We can also deliver a tighter tolerance and/or a polished finish if needed.

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  • The PREMEX story

Founded in 2000, PREMEX is entirely focused on supplying semi-finished solid round tools and step blanks. Every person and department has worked on this task from the beginning. It may seem easy, but there are many questions and mountains to climb if you want to be able to stock and grind every material and every step blank form efficiently, without knowing exactly what will come up tomorrow. They’ve figured it out so you don’t have to!