We offer WALTER tool grinder parts, major repairs, & complete rebuilds…Better & more economical!

  • For WALTER electronic parts (pre-FANUC), our pricing is 30-50% less and we stock it! That includes items like Indramat drive amplifiers, personality cards, TFT displays, control panels, and power supplies. We have have parts for the old HMC 150, 200, & 300 controls. All parts are guaranteed for a year.
  • Mechanical parts are also less, though the difference may not be as great and delivery varies. Still, we’re often a much better source for grinding spindles and generally have critical components in stock for WALTER machines, including linear guides, ball screws, bearings, seals, and bellows. Toolroom Solutions also has a good stock of parts for older “pre-Power” WALTER machines.
  • We can perform control upgrades, major repairs, and complete rebuilds on your shop floor. We can even turn a Power 400 machine into a fully modern grinder, with 3D simulation, auto-loading and wheel changing. Yet we’re faster & cheaper, because our technicians are the best in the business, with decades of experience and a deep love for the technology. (Alas, we’re all older than the guy pictured on the home page!) The only thing you have to worry about is getting on the schedule because our experts are in demand around the world.
  • Our service covers Tschudin cylindrical grinders, ELB surface grinders, and Maho MH and Hurco VMX milling machines. We specialize in the full range of WALTER tool grinders, and tool grinding parts, new and old, including, the: Helitronic Power, Mini Power, and Vision machines (with HMC 400, 500, 600 and FANUC controls).
      • Helitronic 45
      • Helitronic 55
      • GC8
      • GC6
      • Helitronic 50
      • Helitronic 35

Plus WALTER & Rollomatic tooling

  • Get OEM quality WALTER drill and endmill steadyrest bushings in any diameter within one week! And you’ll love the price.
    • Is now the time? If your bushings are worn (and many probably are) you can’t get full blank support. Plus you’re wasting time trying to get a good setup.
  • Fast delivery on WALTER and Rollomatic style loader pallets. Our Rollomatic style pallets are simpler and much more cost effective than the OEM variety, but fully compatible and durable. All our loader pallets use the same “first hole” position (unless you request otherwise), making it easy to setup each pallet as you switch diameters. Why didn’t the OEMs think of that!?

Plus key items for all machines

  • High tech coolant nozzles from Cool-Grind – one of the simplest yet significant improvements you can make. Save time, improve your tools, cut your coolant needs, and extend the life of your grinding wheels! See more here.
  • Flexible storage solutions from ROUSSEAU MÉTAL. Built here in North America with quality and versatility that is “out of his world.” See more here.
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