We offer outstanding chucks, collets, sleeves, and related gear from Schunk and GDS, two German firms with a well deserved reputation for precision and durability. But forget what you’ve experienced in terms of pricing and delivery! We stock key items, pass on the power of the US dollar against the Euro, and tack on a modest markup. You will love what we can do for you!

The star attraction is the amazing “super chuck” from GDS. Designed by tool grinders for tool grinding, it’s simply the best in the industry by far. And it’s now available for WALTER and ANCA machines, including the Helitronic Micro, Helitronic Mini Automation, and ANCA MX7.

The Schunk workholding product line is vast so we won’t duplicate here. We encourage you to visit their website and let us know what you need. For tool grinders, their key product is the TENDO hydraulic chuck and associated sleeves and we offer the catalog below.